Welcome to our Corn Maze Fall Festival and Pumpkin Patch!

Kate and Hub KnottKate and Hub Knott are the owners of Blue Ridge Mountain Maze in Central Virginia and have partnered up with Luke Von Hemert and Maddie Grimsley to bring this whole event to you. This all started in 2000, when Kate and Hub (Afton residents) started a fall festival in the town of The Plains, up in northern Virginia. It was the first corn maze in the DC area, and the first organic one in the US. It started small, but attracted a dedicated following every fall, eventually growing to 20,000 visitors a season and voted #1 corn maze in the DC area. We closed up shop (or farm you could say) after 20 seasons, and brought it to the home of Wood Ridge Farm Brewery just off Rt. 29 between Charlottesville and Lynchburg.

Kate is the “Corn Queen” who puts a lot of the beautiful and colorful touches you see around the farm. She has a deep love for the outdoors, raising her family, gardening, and keeping healthy.

Hub is “King Korn”, who does a lot of the hard work that needs to be done, keeps the crops growing, and makes repairs when they need repairing. He loves growing seeds, storage crops, and exploring the wild side of the woods.

Luke has teamed up with Kate and Hub and is a co-owner and together they have worked seamlessly to bring the vision of the corn maze to life. He makes the work of the maze seem like play. Luke values time spent outside, corny jokes and being with people he loves.

Maddie has teamed up with her dear friends Kate and Hub and partner Luke to bring the community together for some fall fun. She values purposeful work, spending quality time with her community, learning new skills, and practices that allow her to live in harmony with nature.

Violet, born in 2006, is our KORN KID”, who simply likes to laugh and have fun. She tests the swings and slides to make sure they are at peak performance. Violet makes sure the animals are alive and well. You may find her working the snack shack and selling you kettle corn.

Phoebe Rose is our little “Kernal” born in 2011. She looks forward to the maze so much every year. She loves to play with all of our amazing visitors and gets great joy in tending to her piglets. She is always amazed that all these other kids come every maze weekend just to play with her. “Ah, the good life”.

Knott family 2011


Knott family 2014


Knott Family 2010


Knott Family 2006