Welcome to the Blue Ridge Mountain Maze

Do you long for a QUALITY DAY of FUN OUTSIDE with your kids or friends?
Do you long to get out of the busy city life and out into the 
Are you ready to have a fun-filled day making MEMORIES that last a lifetime?
Do you want that PERFECT PUMPKIN?

Whether you’ve just come to Get Lost in Fun
or to find the perfect pumpkin, we’ve got you covered!   

The Corn Maze ~ Each maze wanderer enters the maze armed with crayon and a blank survival guide on a mission to discover clues to help them navigate their way through the maze and to complete a map to take home. If the challenge grows too high you can always wave the flag frantically to signal the “maze master” to come to your rescue. It is the perfect experience for those hungry for fun!

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Video of 2016 Corn Maze by Drew Schmidt

• 5 Acre Corn Maze in Charlottesville, Virginia
• panoramic mountain views of the Blue Ridge Mountains
• safe outdoor fun for the whole family in Virginia!